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Payroll Management

NBS is a one-stop shop for all your payroll requirements. We offer a complete payroll management system anywhere in the country. From processing payment instructions from the clients to generating employee salaries, from statutory reports to generating electronic pay slips to filing bank payments as well as full and final settlements – our services will help you with all the employee-related payroll system. Our payroll services to small and large scale corporates also include statutory agreement, recruitment, evaluation support system and employee verification. We are recognized as one of the leading payroll management firms as we deliver results with highest level of precision and excellence.


  • Hassle-free payroll processing
  • End-to-end services
  • Proven track record of our services
  • 100% data security



HR, MAKSON Group Hyderabad

NBS My Manpower is the best manpower agency that provides excellent manpower in peak seasons even with short term requests. Also, they handle the industrial relations dispute well managing what is required



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Reliability and our network is our strength.
We support our clients with excellent manpower even during peak seasons with short term requests.

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